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pasha mediterranean cafe & grill

Only the finest meats and freshest vegetables, which come straight from the farmer’s market, find their way into our kitchen. Once there, they are cooked in pure olive oil to bring out the true flavors of authentic Mediterranean cooking. Our extensive menu offers a wide selection of dishes ranging from traditional to modern recipes, appealing to all tastes. Diners can request entrees made vegetarian-style or with any of our fresh meats. We have a casual restaurant set in a fine dining atmosphere.

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Sent on the 22nd of July, 2010
Gluten free, my husband found this place I am so happy)I can eat every thing except Pita bread) but they offer me cucumbers instead of pita to dip in hummus . And they have tabbouli made with Quinoa) the only restaurant in San Diego has tabouli with Quinoa ******Love it!!
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New Section
Dolma -
Vegetarian Favorite. Grape leaves stuffed with rice, currants, pine nuts, onion, dill, parsley, and Turkish spices cooked in olive oil
$5.99 $9.99Dolma
Baba Ghanuj -
Tasty blend of baked eggplant, tahini, fresh garlic, lemon & parsley, topped with olive oil
$5.99Baba Ghanuj
Eggplant Salad -
Mashed grilled eggplant with garlic and yogurt.
Hummus -
Delicious middle eastern blend of garbanzo beans, tahini, fresh garlic, lemon & olive oil
Cacik -
It is a mixer of yogurt and cucumbers, garlic and some spice.
Ezme -
Sliced tomato, onion, pepper,parsley,cucumber and chili.
Pasha Meza Platter -
Dolma, Hummus,Eggplant Salad, Cacik, Ezme serve with pita bread.
Shephard Salad -
All fresh diced tomatoes, cucumber, scallion, red onion, parsley and green pepper with our house dressing (lemon juice, olive oil and little vinegar)
Pasha Salad -
Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions,red cabbage,mint leaves,parsley with red pepper,olive oil and lemon juice
Greek Salad -
Hearts of Romaine Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Onion Rings, Topped with Greek Feta Cheese, Kalamata Olives & Oregano
Tabouli Salad -
Bulgur (cracked wheat) mixed with chopped parsley, scallions, lettuce, and dressed with olive oil and lemon juice
$8.99Tabouli Salad
Fattoush -
A Mediterranean blend of toasted pita bread, tomatoes, Italian parsley, radishes, romaine lettuce, onions & cucumbers & seasoned with 3 herbs
Chicken Salad -
Hearts of romaine lettuce with flame-broiled chicken breast, feta, tomatoes, pistachios & fresh cilantro in our home-made dressing.
Ceaser Salad -
Lettuce,croutons, parmesan cheese with Caesar dressing (Extra Add $1.99 for Chicken)
Lentil Soup -
Red lentil puree - Vegetarian.
Kuru Fasulye Dry Beans -
Dry beans, cooked with tomato sauce and onions
Gyros Sandwich -
Gyros/ Doner, with tomatoes, and marinated with a special sauce and served with lavash bread, pickles.
Chicken Tika -
Tender chunks of chicken breast marinated in olive oil and herbs. with tomatoes, and marinated with a special sauce and served with lavash bread, pickles
Adana Sandwich/Kofta -
A seasonal blend of ground beef , parsley and onions. Serves with pickles and tomatoes.
Chicken Shwarma Sandwich -
Chicken, marinated with a special sauce and served with pita bread, pickles.
Lamb Shish Kebab -
Lamb cubes tenderized in-home with a marinade of olive oil and herbs. Served on a skewer. Comes with rice and pita bread.
$11.99Lamb Shish Kebab
Ali Nazik -
Lamb cubes, on a bed of mashed grilled eggplant mixed with yogurt and garlic served with grilled tomato and green pepper. Traditional Turkish dish from Gaziantep.
Chicken -
Cut chicken pieces, tenderized in-home marinade with olive oil and herbs. Comes with rice pita bread. Garlic sauce, pickles and tomatoes
Pasha Mix Kebab -
Chicken shish kebab, Adana kofte and Pasha's Beef Shish Kebab. Comes with rice and small salad.
Chicken Shish -
Chunks of chicken breast, tenderized in-home marinade with olive oil and herbs. Served on a skewer. Comes with rice and pita bread. Special Garlic sauce
Beef Shish -
Chunks of tenderize steak, tenderized in home marinade with olive oil and herbs. Served on a skewer. Comes with rice and homemade pita bread.
Adana Kebab -
Seasonal blend of ground beef, lamb, parsley, & onions. Broiled & topped with homos, tomatoes, & herbs onions, rolled in pita bread
$10.99Adana Kebab
Manti -
Dumplings that are boiled; stuffed with ground lamb and topped with thick yogurt with garlic, browned butter, mint and red Chile flakes.
Falafels -
Vegetarian delight of seasoned mixture of crushed garbanzo beans, parsley, garlic, onion & spices . Comes with Hummus.
Grilled Vegetarian Kebab -
Char-grilled Italian eggplant, peppers, zucchini, squash, carrot, mushroom, marinated w/ green herbs served on a skewer and couscous
Vegetarian Borek -
Seasoned mixture of spinach, onions, tomatoes & lemon juice. Stuffed in our special dough and baked in oven.
Borek -
Seasoned mixture of ground beef, potatoes. Stuffed in our special dough and baked in oven.
Iskender kebab -
Gyros served with bread and yogurt
$11.99Iskender kebab
Baklava -
Flake pastry squares filled with crushed pistachios / walnuts and honey.
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